Click here to read about our entry into Ethiopia - "A World Unto Itself".  Ethiopia has its own calendar (it's 1998), its own way of telling time, and 13 months in every year.  It also has millions of people, all of whom line the roads to ask for pens, money and whatever else they think tourists might have in their pockets.

Ethiopia has arguably the most diverse and decorated history of any African nation.  Throughout history it has been home to the forefathers of Christianity, celebrated dynasties of kings and the world's oldest human (Lucy).  Click here to read about our adventures in historic Ethiopia including visits to island monestaries, exploring ancient rock churches and feeding hyenas by hand.

Everybody thought we were crazy to travel through the Sudan without any experience, with two wives (one pregnant) using primarily local transport.  Click here to find out if they were right.

After 3 months we have arrived at the final country of our Cape to Cairo journey - the land of the Pharoes - Egypt.  Click here to read about our unorthadoxed route from Khartoum to Cairo, our journey up the Nile, and our numerous run-ins with a dude named Horus.

Although we have realized our goal of reaching Cairo, a trip to Egypt is not complete without spending a night in the desert and a day in the Red Sea.  Click here to read about the final days of our grand adventure.