African Routes

We've created this message chain for our fellow African Routes Overlanders who we are enjoying our travels through northern Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan with.
We look forward to hearing from all of you!
Originally posted on 19 November 2005 - 09:24 AM

Hey Matt, Shannon, Mike and Cathy, Nice website, looks profesional! I really enjoy travelling with you guys! You make a long drivingday less boring. Your humor, your Dire Straits music... I love the category game. I'm thinking about a new one for the next game. What about people who... Good luck with the rest of your trip to Cairo. I hope everything will work out the way you planned it. Oh, take a look at our website; password=africa It's a dutch website, but it's easy to leave a message. xxxFloortje

How is the rugby guys?
We are in Luxor. Met up with the lost 3 in Aswan. All the kids are spending the day visiting sites on a 'Kalahari Ferrari'. I don't really like donkeys because there is no steering wheel (and it feels like cheating on sweetness). We are taking the overnight train, so will be in cairo tomorow morning.
just a bit of info about payment in Whadi Halfa:
1. port tax 1550 dinar
2. processing fee 500 dinar
3. yellow fever card 1100 dinar
Also take some extra dinar on ferrry for tea(100) and bottled water(400). X-change rate in Egypt: US$1 - 5.75 Epound.
See u guys in jo'burg just after new years. TAKE CARE OF THE FIFTH JACKSON!!!!

Hey Guys!!!!
Absoluty amazing stories and pictures!!!! (oww I stole Simon's words...)I'm now in Cairo, starting my holiday!!! Have fun in Khartoum, I hope you get your second visa, and the rest of the trip in Egypt! It is really nice here; you can shop every night ;-)


Hee Mike, Cathy (little Cathy or Mike), Shannon and Matt!
How are you doing? Since you left us we've done a lot of nice things in Sudan and Egypt. But everthing will end at some stage. I'm home already.
Have a great time in Sudan (hopefully you got your visas) and Egypt!
If you guys are planning to see the lightshow of the piramides in Cairo: there is no English show on Sunday nights. If Sunday is the only night you can see the lightshow, remember my tip:
go to the third floor of the PizzaHut (which is opposite of the piramides), ask the guy to switch of the light and drink an expensive coke. The view is great, you can take good pictures and it saves you 60 Egyption pounds per person!
Kiss Daniëlle

Hey Jackson 5!
Did you enjoy your stay in Dubai? Hope your team has won the game! I'm very curious if you were able to get your Sudanees visa, i really hope so.
I enjoyed my time in Egypt, unfortunately i'm back in the Netherlands right now. I wanna go back to Africa, miss it already! Now i play that funny paper game every evenening with my friends...sad there aren't any Canadiens to play the game with. I tried to download music of my favorite singer of the moment GERRY O'KANE. But it didn't work out somehow. I have to try it again...
Enjoy your time in Sudan en Egypt en Kathy, good luck with the baby!
xx Kiomi

Hello Matt, Shannon, Mike and Cathy!
Thanks for your email.
It was really nice to hear how your trip was going on.
I was (like all of us) quite curious if you got the sudanese visa.
I can tell you that you did not miss too much.
It was a lot of driving with only short breaks and we all were very happy
when we reached Wadi Halfa. Although camping at the nile was nice but that
was the only highlight.
I was very sorry to hear that Mike caught a pretty serious virus.
And it was good to read that you are feeling better again.
And how is Cathy? Everything ok with the little girl?
I was a little envious of you when I read about the Red Sea. I would have loved to spend a
couple of days there at the end to relax before going back to work but I had no time left to
do that.
Once again I have to tell you that your website is very cool.
I like your style so much (thats exactly how I would write it in german ...).
So if you decide to write a book one day - pls let me know.
Take care.
Cheers Sonja.

Hey Guys,
Sorry its taken me so long to leave you a message. Things have been mad since ive been home!
Im already planning my escape from the cold to go to America in the summer!
I was sad the visa never worked out but we did have a brilliant time in Egypt. I hope your visas went better than ours! (couldn't have been much worse!)
If you have any good photos I would love to see them, my email is
Anyways good luck with the baby and hope all goes well and Shannon I hope you have managed to get more of your music on YOUR ipod!!!
Lindsey xx

Hey Mike, Cathy, Matt, Shannon and nr. 5,
How are you guys doing? What was the rest of your trip like? I hope you had a good time.
I´m home for like three weeks. It was nice to see my friends and family, but now i would love to see Africa again...
I´m back to work again, everything is back to normal...
It´s sooooo cold in Holland, it´s freezing. I couldn´t open the lock of my bike this afternoon, ´cause it was frozen... I wish i was still in Sudan, in the dessert.
Kiomi and I are making plans for our next trip. We want to work in a summercamp in America. Doesn´t that sound great!
I hope you had a nice Christmas and i wish you guys all the best for 2006! Let me know when the baby is born!

Hi everyone!
How are you guys doing and how's the baby doing? Hope everything is all right with you guys. I'm busy working right now for about 6 days a week, but i'm going to be very rich! At least i can pay my summercamp in America. Hope to hear from you, wish you all the best...