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Welcome to the Cape to Cairo Guest book. This message board is to help us communicate with you while we are on the road.
Let us know who is reading our site, what you think of it, any features you would like to see, or any suggestions for travel for those of you who have done travelled to this part of the world.
Looking forward to hearing from you all.
originally posted on 03 October 2005 - 08:24 AM

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Hello Matt;
First off congratulations on your marriage!
You dad alerted me to your site and your wonderful adventures. I enjoyed the reading and loved the pictures...the one of you all on the edge of the waterfall was a favourite, although it made me very nervous!
Just wanted to say hi and wish you all the best on the trip and for your future together.
Best wishes
Jim NIcholson


Hello Travellers! We have just had the time to sit and look at your awesome pictures and read about your adventures. How exciting!! It sure makes Lower Buckhorn look a little tame! Think about you often and send our very best to you all. Wishing you a safe return and look forward to seeing you when you are back on Canadian soil!

Great pictures - outstanding experience I am sure. Looks like you are all having fun. Looking forward to the next updates.

Hey Guys, looks like fun, wish we were there. See you in Dubai.

Just great to receive all your news - not sure who is doing the writing but they've missed their vocation.
Sounds like you guys are having a really wonderful time despite the minor mishaps sent to build character (as if that was needed.
Actually quite envious that your main concerns seem to revolve around where to eat and where to find a cold beer while the rest of us keep the world's economy functioning!
Keep safe. Kind regards.

This makes for great reading and keeps me from doing any real work so thanks!
For $20, you two are chasing guys down with pepper spray? keep on keepin on!
If I had 10 million dollars.........!!!!

Wow, sounds like an amazing trip! Glad you guys are having a good time. Look forward to seeing you on your return.

I must confess that I become more and more jealous of your trip everytime I hear news!
But one day...
It looks great guys!
Hope all is going well (seems like it!)
One day Jackson junior can be told that he/she has already traveled through the entire Africa!
All the best on the rest of your journey.
I'm glad that a previous member of the MMSA 4x4 club was so helpfull toward a LandRover driver. You must understand that these guys (sorry Steph) will one day come to the sudden realisation that Land-fall-overs are not the ideal 4x4!
Go Toyota!

Hey guys, looks like you are all having a great time while the rest of us are back here at work. Some awesome pictures guys. Mike say hi to the rest of your family from us. Take care and have a great once in a life time vacation.

Hey y'all!!!
Your pictures look great and it sounds like you're having fun. Cathy, I'm glad to hear you and the baby are doing well, and Mike, now I'm curious about what made the other doctors so bad.
Good luck with the rest of your trip, and keep up with the webpage. Especially the pictures :-)

The photos continue to be great and the storytelling is typical Jackson fashion - full of wit, adventure, food and drink. Good on ya!
Glad to hear all is well with Cathy and baby.

Hi all, I ihad a great message of good luck etc but I think it was eaten by the computer and now Im out of time. So, GOOD LUCK have fun it all looks really cool;
Rotchells OUT!

I'm just sitting here in Antwerp living vicariously through your adventures. Sounds like you're having a fantastic time.
While you're there, could you guys swing through the Congo and try to pick up a few conflict diamonds for me? I think I might be able to get in tight with a few Hassidic Jews here and make some bucks! Thoughts?

Have been enjoying the updates of your trip..looking forward to hearing many Malawi type adventures. Wishing Shannon's Dad a quick recovery...Zanzibar looked amazing...Glad to hear road maintenance still a priority around Kili...Wishing you all the best...keep-on-keeping on..
Kili 2030 Student becomes Teacher Adventure

Well it looks like you are having an amazing time! I see from the photos in Tanzania that your truck ended up on its side? Ya got to be more careful! Clearly those things don't handle like your Grand Am back home. (or maybe they do?) Back here we are in the midst of Metro kick off and all that goes with it, suffice to say that right about know I am wishing I was on safari as well. I hope that every thing is ok with Rick, next time you talk to Shannon be sure to send him (and her) my best. Take it easy; I hear it's a jungle out there. (Bet ya haven't heard that one before)

Dear Jacksons,
well, wellwelldone your homepage! I hope you had a safe and nice journey to Kigali and you're ready to tell me al lot of gorillatales!? I'll catch up in a few days, tomorrow I'll go to Rwanda.
Here are my postal facts, i.e. my mother's adress which remains:
Christian Hauber
Sonthofenerstr. 62
87544 Blaichach
When the half of you made it to Switzerland it would be nice if you could me send some of your chimppictures (digital-cd and/or prints) to the adress mentioned above.
So, I wish you all the best for your further journey, first of all for your Sudanese visa - the biggest pain in the ass (as you say in your language) north of Nairobi!
Kind regards
PS: Once again, the chilli was great, Cathy!

You guys are having a hell of a trip. Sometimes as I sit in my office at the mine I login to your website and read about the latest adventure and wish I was there. I hope you continue to have a fun and safe trip. Africa has always been my favorite place to visit. Lucy and I are here in the middle of Nevada chasing two little scampers thinking of your travels.
Cheers, Russ

I figured it out ..... not as dumb as you might think.....

Hey Guys,
Sorry I have been so quite. Things are hectic here. Looks like you are having fun. Man the Jackson travel stories just keep on coming!
Hope you guys "keep on keeping on".
Speak to you later.

Hey Matt, I hope you are walking around better than the last time I saw you. If you are like me, I am still sore and have more black, blue, and purple spots than tan! It has been 12 days and I look worse than I did on the 15th. But I am sure you have recovered much more quickly than this 'old' man. It was certainly my pleasure to meet Mike and Cathy and Matt and to be a part of your lives and your trip, if even for just a day (but what a day). I am refraining from going into details, so you can update everyone yourselves with whatever details you choose to share from your sojourn into Uganda. Have a continued safe trip and as they say in Kenya (and Disney) Hakuna Matata!

Friday afternoon and lo and behold another African update. Unbelievable story and journey, enough said. I think more people than just friends and family would buy the book. Start shopping for publishers!
May Jesus, Allah, Budha, and Ganesha bless and watch over you - no more rabies or other various cracked, fractured parts! keep on safely keepin on.

Hey there folks. I have returned from my honeymoon. The wife still likes me so I think I'm doing OK. Matt, too bad your wife didn't want to stay for your whole honeymoon. I guess I'm just more entertaining.
Wolch, I didn't know you were in Belgium. I was just in Brugge for a week.
Mike and Cathy, I hope te beard is still groing in nice and thick. You look good and rugged sir. Cathy i hope the beard is not too horribly bushy and scrathy. It's good that everything seems to be fine with baby jackson good luck.
I can only hope Matt's plump and lucious butt returns to it's former alabaster glory. We should all pray for it's deliverance.
Stay in touch. Rotchells OUT!

Great updates to the website. Glad to hear Shannon arrived back safely. That "butt" shot ..... even a mother doesn't want to see that! Hope your back continues to improve, take care of it Matt. Mike stay away from those varmits. The pictures look great (except for the butt.) Loved the one of the three of you at the equator. Sounds as if you are having a great time with amazing experiences and meeting interesting people BUT I will still only be happy when you return back safely.
Smokey is doing well. She had a sleepover on Friday night and had a great time. We were at Pecanwood, played golf and I shot a 91 .... not bad for an old lady with a limp !!!!
Love ya all. Keep safe and look out for each other.

revor - thanks for your concern. Very touching. As you are so worried about the state of my hind quarters, I will be adding a new page to the site tracking the healing process in pictorial form. Enjoy.

Hi guys. What an awesome time you are having. I'm really enjoying your journal. Well done. I can't believe that bruise Matt and your bite Mike. I think those new wives better start taming you boys. No wonder your mother is freaking. You always were the adventerous type. I wonder what baby Jackson will be like? Enjoy the remainder of your journey and be safe. Love Marilee.

Hi Matt and Shannon,
I must admit, this far, I am not having a good week. It all started when Tavish dressed himself in a french maid's costume complete with fishnets for Halloween yesterday. This hideous lingering mental image was joined today by that of Matt's naked butt. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...Shannon, I saw Grumpy last Thursday night and he seemed in good shape to me given what he's been through. Enjoying your pics, guys (except for the aforementioned ones). Be safe.

Hallo to the Jackson couples from a wet and miserable Netherlands. Reading about your experiences and looking at the pictures, I can't help thinking that it should be us, together with Sue and Larry , making this trip. The pictures bring back very fond memories of the trip we have made through Botswana with them. Maybe, just maybe, when we get back to SA end of 2006, we can persuade them for us to do something similar.
We will follow the progress you make through Africa.
Enjoy the experience
Best regards
Hans & Hilda Strydom

Well Jacksons, we thought that last year's trip up Kili would be an adventure of a lifetime for us all but apparently you didn't. The trip looks incredible - wish I had the cahones to do it all at once. That being said, I will make it my life's mission to ensure that Shelley and I visit all of these cool spots. Now that you have hit all the bumps in the road you can steer us clear of them :o)
Keep the updates and the pics coming.
Cheers to you all,
Mike and Shelley

Hi Jackson 5
You lucky buggers!!
We love the site. Keep it coming.
Gav & Peta

Sorry for any confusion with the site. It is going through a little facelift but it is slow going on these Ethiopian computers.
For those trying to catch up from Uganda & Rwanda, look under the East Africa Tab and then click Kenya (West & North) which will give you all the info you need up to Ethiopia (including Mike's rabies vaccinations and Shannon's return).
As for Matt's butt, the bruising has healed (we've spared you the pictures) and the pain is negligible except on long drives. Thanks for asking.

Hope all is going well on the Eritrea / Sudan leg of the journey.
Cheryl and I + Nathan + Jumbo Shrimp are eagerly looking forward to the next installment since we're (or at least I am) living vicariously through your adventures.
I could regale you with tales of our planned trip to Toronto this winter but it may pale in comparison.
Cheryl still hasn't fully recovered from the horror of seeing Matt's butt on the WWW but wishes you all the best anyways.
The Sewell's

Great site! Thanks for sharing. We're at Bluffside trying to further complicate the world of handwashing. Hurry back. We're missing all 5 of you.
Carolyn & Jim


28 to 28 and we are going to overtime! 35 - 28 Montreal! but the Eskimos are driving!!!!Yes! the Eskimos answer 35-34 and its all tied up.

Hello Jacksons!
Must be an amazing feeling to have accomplished so much! Happy to hear from you and see your photos.
Also, saw your photos in Sudan, wearing the traditional white 'jalabiyah'!! I do rememeber the hospitality and good nature of the Sudanese --- just the way you describe it. If you drive into Omdurman (across the bridge from Khartoum), you will be driving through my old neighbourhood.
My grandfather, dad and mom pass their regards and ask you taste the water of the Nile for them.
Good luck to all!

Hello! Yes, we know, how long have you had this message board up? Even Chuck wrote something before we did!! Anyway, OMG! Feeding the hyenas!! Have you gone mad? What an exeperience. Your pictures are amazing. Cathy we hope you and baby are doing well. We are thinking of you and are always checking this site to see how you are doing. Keep on Keeping on. Take care. Love to you all. We miss you. xoxo

Hi ho all. Firstly, Matt were you not to provide me with pictorial evidence of your round plump butt returning to normal? I think you will agree that you were (see you own coments earlier in this column). I can understand that you were in hard core islamic countries where wide white bum photos might get you in trouble with the corrupt officials but you should still have at least supplied me with detailed descriptions (very detailed).
Secondly I would like to compliment the ladies of the trip for looking rather great in adverse conditions.
Tirdly and perhaps most importantly. Matt Mike, you boys have confirmed that, yes, yes indeed, a bushy beard makes you look very mental.
Be sure to say hi if when you end up back in Ontario/toronto.
Rotchell OUT!

Please Trevor, stop encouraging Matt to take another picture of his bum. I'm still having nightmares from the last picture... oi.