Faranji Faranjis everywhere

Great site - you guys have been seriously busy! We're in Aswan in Egypt, after bidding a sad (well...) farewell to 'sweetness'in the bustling metropolis and world capital of Wadi Halfa ('bloody halfa' to certain dutch travellers of korean ancestry!). Funnily enough the only Faranjis we met there had a 'keep on keepin on' sticker - they'd met you guys in Nairobi!
You'll be very glad you didn't try to drive North of Khartoum. Road is a very optimistic name for the criss-cross of tracks across the desert - I'm not sure even the locals know where they are half the time!
The ferry across lake Nasser is a good experience, allthough my eardrums are still trying to recover from the 5am call to prayer!
I'm nearly done with North - from Cairo on out it's East for me. And keepin on keepin on!
Safe travels & all the best for the year ahead.
originally posted on 01 December 2005 - 10:06 AM