How is Baby????

Hi Guys
This site is awesome and it sounds like you are having a great time. Mostly eating and drinking it seems! But please.... tell us how Junior Jackson is doing!!! Can't wait to see you guys in Dubai.. Travel safely..
all our love
Marc, Lauren and Dayna
originally posted on 06 October 2005 - 08:47 AM

We are here in Nairobi as planned and today (Oct 11th) was Cathy's 16-week ultra-sound. Like the good (or should that say "trained") husband that I am, I went along.
I am happy to say that Cathy's OBGYN (something I've learned since knockin Cathy up) is the first of the OBGYN type that I've met whose ass I haven't wanted to kick (sorry to any like-able OBGYN's that might be reading this message)...
Anyway, everything went great and both Cathy and the baby are as healthy as can be. We heard the baby's heartbeat today and saw a few cool pictures on the ultra-sound. Needless to say, Cathy and I are both thrilled.
Our next appointment is on November 4th here in Nairobi.

I'm sure you weren't disappointed in going to the appointment. Hearing the heartbeat and seeing the little critter is a pretty cool experience - second only to seeing it pop out of mom 26 weeks or so later.
I hope Uganda was great and have a blast in Dubai. Ale just got back from 4 months in Argentina and is staying the week with us, so I've been through many awesome photos of snowboading and hiking in the Andes. That trip is still in the queue - maybe Luke will tag along.

Thanks for update on doctors' visit. We are really pleased to hear that everything went well and look forward to hearing next update.
Call home when you can.
Some close up photos of you guys would great to see on the website.
Dad & Mom.

Thanks for the enquiries into "Junior Jackson". All is going well and we are now waiting to feel the first real kicks. The latest ultrasound went well and Mike believes from the latest pictures that Junior is a boy. All wives tales however point strongly towards Junior being a little girl. I am feeling good though still tired most days. The doctor said this is normal considering all the travel. We are looking forward to the next doctor's appointment when we may be able to put to rest all the gender prophesizing. Missing you all. Love, Cathy xoxoxoxo

Hallo Have been wondering what's happening on the baby front. Should've checked this message board a while ago. Glad to hear all is going well. Waiting in anticipation for the verdict on the gender. I can't wait to go shopping for baby stuff. Cheers