Food & Drinks

It sounds like all you are doing is eating and drinking. I thought this was supposed to be a wilderness adventure trip and not a restaurant review of Africa.
And you keep leaving out the most important thing about restaurants.... ARE THEY WASHING THEIR HANDS????
Cheers! Dad
Originally posted on 04 October 2005 - 08:37 PM

Clearly, the Marions are Jackson-esque when it comes to a trip being all about the food & drink...BRING IT ON! Please reconsider your filtering of details...booze & eats are critical to the thoroughness of this journal!!!
We love reading of your adventures - it's even got Lizziebeans on line for something ...which is an absolute first...she is LOVING IT!
Take good care,
Love Your Cuz, Danny-boy and Baby-M

Hi Guys and Gals:
A little sensitive about my earlier comment on food and drink details? I didn't mean for you to leave out the interesting dining and embibbing locations and details. I just thought it was getting more attention than maybe some of the other things happening.
We loved the write up on migration and the animal photos from everywhere.
Dad & Mom

Now everyone knows why I have so much grey hair and wrinkles !!!!

Guys, the website is great and seems as if lots of people are following the trip.

It would be nice to see some pictures of you guys as well as the great shots of the scenery and the animals.

Miss you and stay safe.

Love Mom

Hey Mike, have to agree with your Mom, it would be nice to see more pictures of you guys too on your travels. But as for the scenery/wildlife - hey great pictures, so who's ever taking the pictures, hey professional job!
So when's the next update coming?


Hi Guys
Just checking in from Cape Town. Hope this leg of the journey is going well. Obviously there are no internet cafes around. Look forward to hearing from you as soon as you can. All is well with us Dad is in meetings and this is the first time I have been able to do emails. Thinking about you lots. Be safe and have fun. Hugs for everyone.
Love Mom