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Cath, Mike, Matt and Shannon:
November greetings from Toronto. Just Back from Disney World (Hence the tame tourist comment and a giggle at the Hakuna Matata comments)
Fuzzy headed gorillas, reaching cruisin' speeds in a Land Cruiser, 4 metre free falls and boodle-icious locals - we can feel the journey - your chronicl are so expressive - we are turning a little green with envy as we eat our chili in 10 degree, windy, rainy, fall weather.
Now we know why we started speaking Swahili in our sleep.
We'd thought of all the cinematography in Out of Africa before viewing the Kenya section -- any chances for an open air plane ride? Do they still do that?
Weather in Lausanne today is partly cloudy, 4 degrees - humidity 100% (Carpe Africa!)
Kudos on your trek, Conga-Rats on becoming the Jackson 4 1/2
(Take care of each other.)
Keep those images coming (both metaphoric and visual) the natives are restless for more!
Best wishes,
Speaking of insurance salesmen, did you hear the one about...
Originally posted on 07 November 2005 - 07:56 PM