Just a quick hello from the Richmond Hill Posse..... Hope things are well with everyone, it looks like you're having a good time. ( nice pics) haven't read the scripture yet..need a few minutes so I can sit down. Things are pretty busy here, as always.
Leafs are lighting up the league, close to the top ( Vancouver is a ways back, sorry Canuck Fans) Lindros is a machine....
It's getting cold here now so we'll try to pick up some of that African heat through your website.
Keep up the good work on the website and we'll chat with you soon.
All the Best,
30 Lacona Cresent
P.S. Hope the Landcruiser is all that you guys expected and more.... it looks SIC!!!!
Originally posted on 25 October 2005 - 03:48 PM

I tried to write something in your guestbook... didn't work out too well....

That Chuck..what a guy I tell ya... good guy he is... anyways, all you kids out there... be careful around those lions, bite your leg off they will.... and another thing.... those hippos, pretty damn big.. anyhow......enjoy the rest of your trip.... oh.. and that land cruiser........ she's a beauty!!!